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First of all, I would like to thank you all who have been following my Instagram feeds. The biggest reason I started this blog is because of the support from my followers. My blog would be simple and straight forward as I am a minimalist. I love fashion, art, architecture, interior design and animals. My biggest inspiration in styling is the contemporary world even though I am living in countrysides.


HEAD TO TOE: Ray-ban Sunglasses, Pull&Bear Blazer,  Tailored White Shirt, Polka-dot Knitted Tie and Pocket Square, Dbramante1928 laptop/document case, Zara Velvet Trousers, Grenson’s Marcel Loafers


Loafers are the essential shoes in any man’s wardrobe. I fell in love with their simplicity and easiness to dress up and down.


I always visualise what kind of style suits me rather than keep trying different clothes. I always have a vision before I go shopping and I love the surprise of the outcome. It might not always go well, but I love challenging my imagination. Life has more joy when you keep challenging yourself with your own vision.

This look has been chosen by the GQ’s editor in September 2013 as one of the best dressed reader. Click link below.

How GQ are you?

I am the The Visionist.


Thank you for reading.

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