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skagenSmartwatch has been in around for quite awhile and I have always wanted to experience one myself but I haven’t came across a design that I am interested in until recently when SKAGEN introduced me to their new collection of SKAGEN Falster Smartwatch. I must admit that I am not a gadget enthusiast but I do love watches. Thus, the fact that SKAGEN Falster Smartwatch combines technology with stylish design fascinates me and I made a trip to see how this new stylish smartwatch becomes my new helpful assistant.

skagenThe very first perk that I realized is that I can receive notifications/messages from my WhatsApp and emails. I can prioritise my important messages while enjoying my brunch before my meetings. So don’t blame me if I don’t reply all of the messages when I have a busy day ahead! The bonus is that I can see the messages and the senders wouldn’t know that I’ve read them! 😛 Yes, it is also a touchscreen smartwatch!

skagenI love the minimal design of this smartwatch, its simplicity goes well with any of my outfit. This collection comes with interchangeable leather straps or mesh straps. I never wanted a smartwatch that would make me look geeky and this is definitely not one of those!


skagenI do use a fitness tracker when I hit the gym (especially when I’m doing the cardio exercises) but I never wore it casually because they don’t really look the part with my outfits or for my meetings. But now I can finally track my steps/calories burnt for the day while keeping my outfit on point. I’m not sorry to be a perfectionist! It helps my performance when I dress well, therefore every small detail is vital for me. This intelligent device would definitely make me fitter over time as I can set my own goal for the daily steps – no more excuse for not walking my doggie!

skagenI love a power nap on a busy day, or whenever I get the chance. I always use my phone to set the alarm but the phone has always been a distraction (even during my sleep time in the night) as I have the tendency to wake up and check my phone apps. Now this is a handy little tool to wake me up from my nap with its vibrating function.

skagenThere are other features of the SKAGEN Falster Smartwatch such as the world clock with different time-zones and music control. I love the weather forecast display where I can check the weather/temperature before I head out. I’m quite a lazy person when it comes to checking weather before I go out and I always regret for not doing so as I wouldn’t take my umbrella out on a rainy day! It’s much more convenient to have it on a default display with the smartwatch. In addition, I can also personalize the watch face with my choice of dial colour or font colour according to my mood/outfit! It is actually very fun and refreshing to see it happening with a single watch.


Please visit SKAGEN for more information about the Falster Smartwatch and get one for your own experience. Check out their full collection here!

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MyFlavour water carafe from Eva Solo boasts a removable skewer in the lid, which means that all kinds of aromas can easily, and also for decorative effect, be added to the water we serve – and it is just as easy to remove the fruit and greenery from the carafe again.

The skewer in the MyFlavour carafe is detachable, and the carafe can also be used without its lid; however, it is a good idea to keep the lid on when the carafe is stored in the fridge so that the water does not absorb unwanted flavours.



  • Add a dash of flavour to your water using the skewer
  • Skewer can be removed and the carafe used without it
  • Fits most fridge doors
  • The lid ensures that the water does not absorb unwanted flavours in the fridge
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Material: Borosilicate glass, Silicone, Stainless steel
  • Size: Volume: 1.0 L

myflavour4 myflavour3 myflavour2 myflavour1

I love how this carafe works and it is perfect for me to make some natural flavoured water that I enjoy! And it looks so beautiful in my home too.

Please visit Eva Solo for more Danish-designed furnishing accessories and kitchenware.

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Instagram: Eva Solo

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Fitbit designs products and experiences that fit seamlessly into your life so you can achieve your health and fitness goals. After wearing my smart design Fitbit Flex for a week, I can officially say that I am 60% fitter already, or I am 60% more active than before to say to least.


The biggest improvement of my fitness routine is my cardio workout. Truthfully, I have never been a big fan of cardio exercises because I struggle easily with my breathing. I tend to skip it even though I am fully aware of the importance of it to stay healthy. While maintaining my weight training exercises, I managed to force myself to walk more throughout the day as well as hitting treadmill on alternate days.

During the working hours, I sit in front of my computer most of the time. With Fitbit Flex, I get to track my daily steps goal with ease. Fitbit Flex is directly in sync with my phone and it tracks every step that I take. It has five lights that indicates the progress towards your daily target. Double tapping on the wristband will show you the percent daily achievement of your steps goal. Easy huh! fitbitflexlight

Personally, I neglect things that I need to do due to my own laziness. Health is one of my biggest negligence this year as I have been very busy with work, new ventures and my blog. I even rely on my phone to remind me to drink more water! Hence, Fitbit Flex has definitely helped me in fitness side of my lifestyle. Yes, I will have to spend more time to push myself becoming active physically but this has also helped in keeping my mind sharp and fresh. It can also track your sleep activity, however I am not using it currently because I don’t feel like I have the need for it. You will be able to see all the information with Fitbit app.


Please visit Fitbit for more stylish fitness trackers!

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LUSH fresh handmade cosmetic products are: 100% Vegetarian, 83% Vegan, 60% Unpreserved and 38% Naked (No Packaging Required), and most importantly they DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS! They believe in making products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. They also believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not commission test on animals and in testing products on humans.


Dirty Body Spray is a light spray fragranced with spearmint, sandalwood and herbal essential oils that can be used all over the body and topped up during the day.

Review: I literally fell in love with this body spray. I have never used any body spray before, the fragrances that I used are not applied directly on my skin normally as I don’t fancy having too much of chemical on my skin. Therefore, this natural body spray has been my daily enlightenment since I got it. I would have a few sprays on my body after freshen up and it makes my body feel clean and fresh! It’s 5 out of 5 stars for me!


Mask of Magnaminty is a multi-purpose face and body mask with a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredients to clean, calm and clear the skin.  It contains mineral rich kaolin to nourish, antibacterial honey, and peppermint oil to stimulate the blood cells just under the surface of your skin to leave it looking bright and refreshed.

Review: I have used this mask twice a week in the past 4 weeks. I love it! The minty scent is great, and my skin always felt clean and tight after the regime. I have acne prone skin and due to that I am sensitive with facial products in general. This mask has improved my skin condition without a doubt. It reduced the swelling and redness of acne the next day after the treatment. For anyone who suffers from breakouts, I would definitely recommend this mask! 5 out of 5 stars for this too!


Tea tree oil is made up of around 100 substances, including terpenes, mostly considered to be responsible for tea tree oil’s reputation as a remedy. The oil has been scientifically proven to be antibacterial, antifungal and particularly effective against the types of fungi we call yeasts. They make tea tree water by dispersing tea tree oil in water and use it for its clarifying action.

Review: I have been using several types of toners and this is one of my favourite. It has also helped in reducing the swelling of my acne. I haven’t got any side effect from using it so I assume it does its job pretty well. My skin does feel a bit stinging every time I use it, which is the only thing that I dislike. I will give it 4 out of 5 stars.


Angels on Bare Skin cleanser comes in a solid form and as you mix the solid cleanser with water to form a paste, the ground almonds create almond milk which helps to tone and brighten the skin. It can be used on both the face and body.

Review: Unfortunately this isn’t my favourite cleanser due to my personal preference. There’s nothing bad about it. This cleanser will leave your skin feeling moist after cleansing, which is not something that I like. I love my skin to feel dry and super clean after using a cleanser. And also this cleanser has some ground almonds that act like a scrub which I do not like too. I don’t mind to scrub my face occasionally but not for my daily routine. Due to my own preference, I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.


Skin Drink is packed with nourishing oils and butters, avocados, aloe vera and a light rose and orange neroli fragrance. Forming a light barrier against the elements, this is ideal for all weathers and is especially good for soothing the skin and helping it feel more supple.

Review: This is similar to the Angel on bare skin cleanser that I tried, which is also not my top choice in my skin care routine. This is simply because it is not oil free. I like my skin to feel dry even after applying the moisturiser, with smooth and matte finish. This moisturiser is basically the contrary of my requirements. However, it did leave my skin moist and smooth after the application. I would still rate it 3 out of 5 stars.


Please visit Lush Ltd for more fresh handmade cosmetics!

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