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Need is a curated online retail and lifestyle magazine for stylish men. Their curation in each volume is unique, contemporary and essential. They carry clothing, accessories, grooming products, literature and more. It is definitely one creative and convenient shopping destination for all the men’s needs.


The jacket that I am wearing is Bacton Artisan Rifle Jacket from Realm & Empire which I got from Need. This lightweight Rifle Jacket is perfect for this Spring/Summer. It is comfortable on my body and effortless in style. I am glad that I have found this brand through Need as it was like a love at first sight with its simplistic design and the touches of corduroy.


 The pockets are made of corduroy which is a nice touch for the Rifle Jacket. I am also wearing Thread Etiquette’s Leather Anchor Bracelet to go with this beautiful jacket.


HEAD TO TOE: Realm & Empire Artisan Rifle Jacket, Zara T-Shirt, Topman Chino, Thread Etiquette Anchor Bracelet, Daniel Wellington Classic St Mawes Watch, Adidas X Pharrell Supercolor

neededition6A neededition5A

I also got Kinfolk magazine from Need, one of the many interesting literatures that they have curated.


Please visit Need for more unique curation for a better lifestyle!

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