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As a professional/small business owner, home office plays such a big part of my life. I spend more than half of my time in the small room with my laptop and stationery. However, I always wanted to find a way to make use of the small room and turn my personal workspace to a more inviting space, where I can enjoy my work and also use the other half of the room to relax. I wanted something simple and effective, hence Hübsch unique design managed to meet my needs. I have successfully combine their beautifully crafted furniture and set up my ideal workspace. 

The most important element in this set up is their PARTITION. I wanted to use this oak partition to divide the small room into two areas, where I can separate my workspace and create a semi-private space. While maintaining the view to my window, you can move the partition to different place to block any view as you wish, but the gaps in between the bars still give you limited view. I like it as it makes me feel somehow private whilst not stranded.

Using the bamboo coat hook is great for styling as well as serving a purpose. I can use it for bags, umbrella, wireless speaker, coat, hanging plant pot and more! The imagination is infinite and you can use it to suit your need, and of course, be creative about it! The terracotta lamp has a lovely matte surface that gives your fingers a joy to touch, the shape itself is enough to make a statement in this office.

The magazine holder and storage box are both made with oak and the quality is excellent. The texture gives it a simple and beautiful finish. You can hide away the mess with the storage box and use the top tier to show off your collection of stationery. I have a slight obsession with concrete and brass combination. These concrete desk organisers are the perfect home for your precious stationery. To soften up my minimal furniture that has unique shapes and hard material/structure, I have chosen the light grey chair with seat covered in fabric. The soft fabrics will complement the strong pieces in the workspace.

The oak desk with grey top has immaculate and masculine shape in my opinion that fits really with with my personal aesthetic. The leg structure is rounded and I like how Hübsch plays with the shape for their furniture to create the Nordic design. I have chosen the Bamboo baskets to match the stripes of the partition.

Create a neat and inviting workspace, this will increase your efficiency and also motivation! I definitely enjoy my workspace more than ever, it has became a room that I look forward to go into.

Please visit Hübsch for more information about the furniture and fill your home with some unique pieces. Check out their full collection here!

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