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Thread Etiquette is sharp, edgy and polished. Their wrist accessories give you the versatility in styling from street look to smart attire. The craftsmanship is decent and yet affordable with high street price.


 Their watches are unique and edgy and I’m definitely digging the colourful straps.


An outfit is not complete without wrist accessories as the details play an important role in finishing a look.

threadetiquettethevisionist3A threadetiquettethevisionist2

HEAD TO TOE: River Island Denim Jacket with detachable hood, River Island Knitted Jumper, River Island Washed Jeans, Thread Etiquette Anchor Bracelet, Thread Etiquette Geo Beads, Thread Etiquette Prince Watch, Topman Boots.

threadetiquettethevisionist4 threadettiquette2

For me, Thread Etiquette is limitless. There’s no restriction in aesthetic nor age. Please visit Thread Etiquette for more wrist candies and follow them on social media for more updates!

Facebook: Thread Etiquette

Instagram: Thread Etiquette

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Happy Socks and The Visionist are giving you an opportunity to participate in our giveaway this week. This giveaway is sponsored by Happy Socks and we will be choosing three very lucky winners!


1. Follow @happysocksofficial on Instagram

2. Follow @thevisionist on Instagram

3.  Comment #happysocks on any of the ‘The Visionist X Happy Socks’ giveaway post


£35 Happy Socks Gift Card for each winner.


Happy Socks & The Visionist will select three lucky winners randomly.


29 March 2015


Happy Socks was founded by two friends who had one vision: to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colourful design piece. For me, Happy Socks isn’t just about the colourful design. There are many colourful socks and underwear in the market but majority of them look terrible in my opinion. However, Happy Socks has managed to design many creative, exquisite, and colourful socks and underwear, that truly bring you the daily happiness.


Happy Socks are suitable for street style as well as a more dandy office attire.


All of the Happy Socks are unisex. The quality is premium and very durable.

happysocks4 happysocks5

Happy Socks has three different types of underwear, boxer briefs, and boxers for men, and briefs for women. They are very comfortable for your skin due to the premium quality of the materials.


Please visit Happy Socks for more fun and creative socks & underwear and follow them on social media for more updates!

Facebook: Happy Socks

Instagram: Happy Socks

Twitter: Happy Socks

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Moreca is a combination of a craftsman’s passion, high-end design and the most modern technologies. All of their products are handcrafted in Kyiv, Ukraine. I am totally in love with this 13″ Laptop Pouch Olivgrun as I have been looking for a beautiful olive/green colour laptop pouch for a long time. This is definitely the one!


This Laptop Pouch Olivgrun is a perfect accessory on the go. It fits perfectly with my 13″ Macbook Pro. For the Macbook Air users, you can definitely fit in a couple of notebooks and stationery too.


This Laptop Pouch Olivgrun is made from the best Italian vegetable tanned calf leather with a brass zipper. The minimal design of their products give you the versatility in accessorising.


If you are looking for a daily pouch that can fit in your iPad/tablet, stationery, notebook, wallet and your mobile phone, this is certainly a good recommendation. The multifunctional pouches comes in various sizes and colours such as black and brown too.


HEAD TO TOE: Zara Neoprene Trenchcoat, Topman Knitted Jumper, Topman Cotton Shirt, Topman Cream Chino, Gucci Loafers, Moreca Laptop Pouch Olivgrun

thevisionistmoreca3For those who appreciate a minimal aesthetic of leather goods, Moreca is a good choice without a doubt. Please visit Moreca for more multifunctional leather goods and follow them on social media for more updates!

Facebook: Moreca

Instagram: Moreca

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Paul Evans was founded by a couple of guys in New York city who want you to look good. All the shoes are made in Naples, Italy, from the hands of skilled artisan.


This pair of Chaplin Tassel Loafers come in few different colours. Apart from their sleek design and fine quality, the most surprising aspect of their shoes is the comfort. I have a few pair of loafers myself and this is the most comfortable pair I have ever owned.


Loafers can be worn as smart footwear or casual footwear. But instead, I have styled them with a casual smart attire as I like the effortless aesthetic for an easy day out.


HEAD TO TOE: Zara Cotton Blazer, Ben Sherman Printed Long Sleeve Shirt, Topman Olive Green Trousers, Grey Polka Dot Socks, Paul Evans Loafers.

paulevans3 paulevans4 paulevans5

The calfskin leather stripes at the back of the loafers indicate how much Paul Evans pay attention to the details in their designs. Each pair of shoes from Paul Evans also comes with an ox horn shoehorn.

paulevansny1 thevisionistxpaulevansny

Please visit Paul Evans for more Italian handmade shoes and follow them on social media for more updates!

Facebook: Paul Evans

Instagram: Paul Evans

Tumblr: Paul Evans

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BeoPlay A2 is Bang & Olufsen’s first ever Bluetooth speaker, featuring ground breaking innovation, jaw dropping sound and design and a functionality that will leave you speechless.b&oA2

BeoPlay A2 has enough battery power to keep the music and party going for up to 24 hours on a single battery charge – this is a market first, as no other speaker of the same size and category can match the same playing time.


This unique flat design Bluetooth speaker is made to move, weighing in at just 1.1kg, you can take it anywhere. It is crafted with premium quality material and built to impress your ears and eyes.


After listening to BeoPlay A2 for a week, I can honestly conclude that this is the best portable speaker I have ever listened to. This speaker has a very powerful sound and the clarity of the sound gives the best listening pleasure to your ears.


BeoPlay A2 comes in 3 beautiful colours – elegant green, pitch black or cool grey. It comes with the short premium full-grain leather strap. The interchangeable long strap can be a good option for you if you wish to sling it across your shoulder.


In addition, I purchased this BeoPlay H6 last year and it is also one of the best pair of over-ear headphones I have ever owned. The design is sleek and minimal. This pair of headphones gives you style, comfort and uniqueness. Find out more about this pair of premium headphones here.


It is definitely built to be social with the capability of remembering up to 8 users. Now you and your friends can take turn to be the DJ of the party! Check out this fastest selling Bang & Olufsen product in history from their website here!

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Thank you Bang & Olufsen!


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The Leather Satchel Co. are a group of British Master Craftsmen that create satchels based on the traditional style of Oxford and Cambridge schools as well as other traditional accessories.


All products from The Leather Satchel Co. are handmade in England. With the flexibility in customizing your own bag, you will be able to get your ideal bag according to your own preference.


 HEAD TO TOE: Topman Denim Jacket, Topman Jumper, Topman Dark Green Chino, Balber Time Watch, Grenson Mathew, The Leather Satchel Co. Loch Blue and London Tan Double Pocket 14 inch Leather Satchel.


This double pocket leather satchel is practical and yet stylish. It goes with street style attire as well as dapper outfit.

IMG_0588_2 cIMG_0638_2

Please visit The Leather Satchel Co. for more beautifully handmade satchels, bags and accessories and follow them on social media for more updates!

Facebook: The Leather Satchel Co.

Twitter: The Leather Satchel Co.

Instagram: The Leather Satchel Co.

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Windowpane check has a bold statement that signifies a man who does his own thing with his personal style. A windowpane check blazer will go with any plain trousers which maintains its practicality as well as its maverick style.


HEAD TO TOE: Topman Navy Windowpane Blazer, Topman White Shirt, Green Knitted Tie, ASOS Brown Cardigan, WANT Les Essentiels De La Vie Tote, Topman Brown Trousers, Green Polka Dots Socks, Grenson Navy Marcel.


Topman Brown Trousers use a nice textile that gives you a more classic edge for winter formal wear.

post11b post11c

Suede shoes have always been my choice for any season in spite of the weather.


Feel free to visit Want Les Essentiels De La Vie for their beautiful leather goods if you have a minimal vision like they do.


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Balber combines English and American Heritage styles with a renewed design, resulting in fresh and elegant pieces, in line with the current trends: cool, smart and clean.


There are a wide selection of straps and engraving services on the Balber website.


The design is minimal and sleek which is suitable for the fashion lovers who have preppy personality – for both men and women. The case has clean, sober and well-proportioned aesthetics with an optimal diameter of 40 mm, framed with a primary attribute, steel.

balberthevisionist3ABalber offers an engraving service for the entire Balber timepiece collection as the perfect gift for any special occasion. Please visit www.balbertime.com to look for your favourite timepiece! Entra en www.balbertime.com para encontrar tu BalBer favorito!

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Thank you Balber!


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The first day of snow in 2014 has finally hit Yorkshire. On last Friday, it turned the street to a little Winter Wonderland. Winter is the best season for layering in fashion. You can have fun with patterns and textures of fabrics.


Wool always give you a nice texture of any garment.


Even Woodie needed a winter cardigan to keep himself warm!


HEAD TO TOE: Reiss Grey Wool Jacket, Reiss Navy Wool Cardigan, Forest Green Knitted Tie, Topman White Slim Fit Shirt, Scottish Made Wool Scarf, Hermes Rivale Bracelet, Daniel Wellington Watch, Zara  Navy Corduroy Trousers, Topman Leather Boots.


Wish all of my readers had a wonderful Christmas!


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Grenson shoes are made in England with the top quality craftsmanship. It takes about 3 weeks for the entire production of each pair of these beautiful shoes. These shoes are well made, durable and they can be re-soled many times over making them a wonderful investment.

1 2

Grenson Marcel is suitable to go with skinny cotton trousers to give it a casual chic look. It is clean and simple.

3 4

Alternatively, it will go well with the classic corduroy trousers with a pair of polka dot socks.

7 8

Grenson Semi Brogue was a classic. The newer version is now called Mathew. These pair of perfect made shoes need to go with made to measure trousers as perfect match.

5 6

A pair of grey cotton trousers will loosen up the formality of the shoes and enhance the sartorialism.