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Just half an hour away drive from Chiusi, who would have thought that there’s this rare retreat boutique hotel at the hilltop village? Monteverdi Tuscany has done an amazing job in restoring the village by maintaining the original framework of stone shell.

Every room and suite has its own design aesthetic and characteristic. This rustic and contemporary village suite that I stayed in combines the elements of wood, brass and iron.

The slender frames of brass that built the bed frame has added spice to the journey. It is such a statement piece of the suite which you wouldn’t miss out. The materials used are irregular, rustic and minimal at the same time.

Another statement piece in the suite, is definitely the free standing copper bath. I spent 3 nights having a nice hot bath with a glass of Italian wine (and snacks). It was just the perfect way to spend a cozy night after a day of exploring.

Monteverdi Tuscany has one of the best spa I have ever visited. Apart from the great selection of the treatments, the stone walls restoration gives a very nice touch to the place. The serenity pool has a big window that allows you to look out to the hilltop mountain view, which is absolutely breathtaking!

The location of Monteverdi Tuscany is amazing as it is in the middle of Florence and Rome. You can easily make a day trip to Rome/Florence within a couple of hours. Meantime, you have the luxury of privacy and peace on the hilltop with one of the best view in Tuscany!

Please visit Monteverdi Tuscany for more information on the luxury boutique hotel and book it for your Tuscany trip! For those who are looking for an escape from the city and looking for serenity, this will take your breath away the moment you arrives!

Instagram: @monteverdi_tuscany

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As a professional/small business owner, home office plays such a big part of my life. I spend more than half of my time in the small room with my laptop and stationery. However, I always wanted to find a way to make use of the small room and turn my personal workspace to a more inviting space, where I can enjoy my work and also use the other half of the room to relax. I wanted something simple and effective, hence Hübsch unique design managed to meet my needs. I have successfully combine their beautifully crafted furniture and set up my ideal workspace. 

The most important element in this set up is their PARTITION. I wanted to use this oak partition to divide the small room into two areas, where I can separate my workspace and create a semi-private space. While maintaining the view to my window, you can move the partition to different place to block any view as you wish, but the gaps in between the bars still give you limited view. I like it as it makes me feel somehow private whilst not stranded.

Using the bamboo coat hook is great for styling as well as serving a purpose. I can use it for bags, umbrella, wireless speaker, coat, hanging plant pot and more! The imagination is infinite and you can use it to suit your need, and of course, be creative about it! The terracotta lamp has a lovely matte surface that gives your fingers a joy to touch, the shape itself is enough to make a statement in this office.

The magazine holder and storage box are both made with oak and the quality is excellent. The texture gives it a simple and beautiful finish. You can hide away the mess with the storage box and use the top tier to show off your collection of stationery. I have a slight obsession with concrete and brass combination. These concrete desk organisers are the perfect home for your precious stationery. To soften up my minimal furniture that has unique shapes and hard material/structure, I have chosen the light grey chair with seat covered in fabric. The soft fabrics will complement the strong pieces in the workspace.

The oak desk with grey top has immaculate and masculine shape in my opinion that fits really with with my personal aesthetic. The leg structure is rounded and I like how Hübsch plays with the shape for their furniture to create the Nordic design. I have chosen the Bamboo baskets to match the stripes of the partition.

Create a neat and inviting workspace, this will increase your efficiency and also motivation! I definitely enjoy my workspace more than ever, it has became a room that I look forward to go into.

Please visit Hübsch for more information about the furniture and fill your home with some unique pieces. Check out their full collection here!

Facebook: Hubschinterior

Instagram: Hubschinterior


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It was an unusual feeling the moment I walked into Riad Snan13, it was almost magical. I was welcomed by the utmost serenity and tranquility with the calm pool and clean interior design.

I also love the touch of pale peach roses in the bowl. It’s one of the cutest decorative home accessory I’ve seen for a long time.

If you want to indulge yourself with the discreet essence of the rich culture of Marrakech, Riad Snan13 would be perfect for you. The interior design of Riad Snan13 is more monochromatic in comparison to most of the riad’s rich colours & decoration such as bold paintings and patterned tiles.

The hanging Moraccan lamp shade gives a bold statement in the monochromatic beige room complementing the simplicity of the interior of the Le Petit Patio. From the wooden stool to the brass mirror, Riad Snan13 enjoys playing with the materials and shapes of furniture rather than their pattern.

I was in love with the turquoise colour (with grey tone) of their doors and windows too in the entire riad too. They complement so well with everything else that somehow give the surrounding a calming factor.

This is definitely my favourite lounging area in the riad. I like the music that the host plays too! I’ve spent quite some time in this space for my editing – it was so calming indeed! The statement GIANT lamp shade plus the bold chairs with pop of colourful cushions – some serious styling skill here!

There is a roof top dining area where the breakfast will be served to enjoy the morning sun too!

Or if you want to read a book on a day bed instead? 🙂

Please visit Riad Snan13 for more information on the hotel and book it for your Marrakech trip! For those who love monochromatic interior design and searching for tranquility in Marrakech, this is your choice!

Instagram: @snan13marrakech


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Marrakech is a busy city surrounded by narrow and bustling streets (and slightly dangerous too with their impatient motorcyclists), but you will never guess what’s behind the door of each building. It seemed ordinary when I arrived at the door front of Riad Mena, but after walking through it and passing the corridors, it took me to the interior design heaven in Marrakech, Morocco.

The giant trees and plants made it the best courtyard I have ever been to. The moment I walked into the Grant Suite, I was shocked by the size of the entire space. It was huge but I certainly did not feel emptiness in the room with the strategically organized furniture and decorations. One of my favourite pieces were the giant olive green bedside table lamps that give a nice touch to the predominantly white room.

I love the Menzeh in this Grand Suite overlooking the gorgeous courtyard. I took a nap there after having a glass of the Moroccan mint tea (with sugar!). It was rather relaxing afternoon for me – after a long day of photoshoot.

One of the coolest design feature in this Grand Suite at Riad Mena is the shelving units on the wall. The robust and raw aesthetic go well with any decorative accessories and books. And there are plenty of sitting area for you to read a book (or two) too!

What’s better than having a relaxing bath to compose yourself after a long day of travelling? And top it up by opening the doors that lead you to your private terrace – all by yourself!

Riad Mena also has a pool for you to have your morning swim or to cool down in the day surrounded by beautiful plants!

My first visit in Marrakech, Morocco has been amazing especially to start my journey in this gorgeous Riad Mena with the excellency in hospitality. The founder of Riad Mena, Philomena Schurer Merckoll has managed to transform this traditional Moroccan house into a modern boutique hotel that consists of 7 very stylish rooms. I would be visiting again in the future without a doubt!

Please visit Riad Mena for more information on the hotel and book it for your Marrakech trip! For those who love interior design and a bit of luxury, this is your choice! P/S: I love the aubergine and Lamb Tagine served by Riad Mena – make sure you request that to try!

Instagram: @Riadmena_beyond


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Who else here would hang up their clothes in a hotel wardrobe? I hope that I ain’t the only one! It makes me feel good and cozy to organize my belongings in a hotel always as it feels like I’ve already settled in – especially in such a neat design room. This minimal monochromatic design wardrobe belongs to Hotel Mono in Singapore.

The moment I walked into Hotel Mono, Singapore – a modern boutique hotel that is located closely to Chinatown. Who would have thought this chic and modern hotel is hidden in the historical building? The entrance was simple and yet made an impressive first impression on me when the transparent automated door was opened.

Going through the lounging areas in between floors were like a minimalist playground. The interior design is basic but filled with stylish and modern furniture. And of course, everything is monochrome.

As featured in Cereal’s city guide in Singapore, Hotel Mono definitely stood out from the crowd. This stairway to minimalist heaven in their Loft Room took my breath away – the main reason I wanted to stay there too! This generous Loft room offers great space with 2 beds – one on the ground and another on an elevated floor level within the room. Isn’t that cool?! It’s great for families or group of friends of 4 in my opinion. But being the selfish me, I wanted it all for myself!

The choice of furniture or any structural/building design accessories in Hotel Mono is simple, monochromatic and strong. The design principal is compositional and also symmetrical in a way. Each design piece is carefully curated from the wall lamp, flooring to the shower gel container. Did you notice the Rococo-era windows in this building? They are so characteristic and seem unreal to exist in such a modern city.

Having a monochromatic bedroom in my own house myself, I am actually inspired by Hotel Mono where I would definitely adopt some of the design aspect in my next house – when I can design and build my own house. This black metal stairway is definitely something that I would love to have at my home. There’s a new vision in every angle of the room through the stairway, just like my life perspective. It gives you inspiration each time when you observe, and opens up your imagination and creativity.

Please visit Hotel Mono for more information on the hotel and book it for next visit in Singapore. There’s also a bakery shop that sells very good egg tart too! It’s called Tong Heng – make sure you try their egg tart!

Facebook: HotelMonoSG

Instagram: @Hotelmonosg


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MyFlavour water carafe from Eva Solo boasts a removable skewer in the lid, which means that all kinds of aromas can easily, and also for decorative effect, be added to the water we serve – and it is just as easy to remove the fruit and greenery from the carafe again.

The skewer in the MyFlavour carafe is detachable, and the carafe can also be used without its lid; however, it is a good idea to keep the lid on when the carafe is stored in the fridge so that the water does not absorb unwanted flavours.



  • Add a dash of flavour to your water using the skewer
  • Skewer can be removed and the carafe used without it
  • Fits most fridge doors
  • The lid ensures that the water does not absorb unwanted flavours in the fridge
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Material: Borosilicate glass, Silicone, Stainless steel
  • Size: Volume: 1.0 L

myflavour4 myflavour3 myflavour2 myflavour1

I love how this carafe works and it is perfect for me to make some natural flavoured water that I enjoy! And it looks so beautiful in my home too.

Please visit Eva Solo for more Danish-designed furnishing accessories and kitchenware.

Facebook: Eva Solo

Instagram: Eva Solo

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