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#HowDoYouJacobHolston Vol.1

#HowDoYouJacobHolston Vol.1

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Inspired by his journeys and adventures throughout the world, the line Jacob Holston was created as an extension of himself and the very things he sees, loves and admires:  amazing architecture, motorcycles, cars, formula one racing, a beautiful woman, a gorgeous beach anywhere in the world, fine food, a well-deserved cigar, and a finely aged scotch among other things.JH1final JH4final

I will be showing you all how do I Jacob Holston in the coming weeks for Spring Summer collection. At the top I am wearing the beautiful Roberto Rib Collar Henley in navy blue and a pair of sophisticated navy plaid Bruno Dress Shorts. They are simple but effortlessly stylish.

JH5final JH2final

I have also paired the Fabio Ombre Cardigan with the same shorts and with a touch of Dino Short Sleeve Printed Shirt underneath the cardigan. The gradient effect gives the cardigan a nice look and it is definitely less conservative for classy men style.


Nevertheless, the quality of all the garments is great, which is what you would have expected from designer clothing. The detail of each garment is minimal but essential too to say the least!


Please visit Jacob holston for more contemporary menswear! Feel free to visit their stores too!

  • Emerson Grace in Nashville Tennesse
  • Sy Devore in Studio City, CA
  • Funny’s in Hiroshima Japan
  • Safari Lounge Japan

Instagram: Jacob Holston

Twitter: Jacob Holston

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