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LUSH fresh handmade cosmetic products are: 100% Vegetarian, 83% Vegan, 60% Unpreserved and 38% Naked (No Packaging Required), and most importantly they DO NOT TEST ON ANIMALS! They believe in making products from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. They also believe in buying ingredients only from companies that do not commission test on animals and in testing products on humans.


Dirty Body Spray is a light spray fragranced with spearmint, sandalwood and herbal essential oils that can be used all over the body and topped up during the day.

Review: I literally fell in love with this body spray. I have never used any body spray before, the fragrances that I used are not applied directly on my skin normally as I don’t fancy having too much of chemical on my skin. Therefore, this natural body spray has been my daily enlightenment since I got it. I would have a few sprays on my body after freshen up and it makes my body feel clean and fresh! It’s 5 out of 5 stars for me!


Mask of Magnaminty is a multi-purpose face and body mask with a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredients to clean, calm and clear the skin.  It contains mineral rich kaolin to nourish, antibacterial honey, and peppermint oil to stimulate the blood cells just under the surface of your skin to leave it looking bright and refreshed.

Review: I have used this mask twice a week in the past 4 weeks. I love it! The minty scent is great, and my skin always felt clean and tight after the regime. I have acne prone skin and due to that I am sensitive with facial products in general. This mask has improved my skin condition without a doubt. It reduced the swelling and redness of acne the next day after the treatment. For anyone who suffers from breakouts, I would definitely recommend this mask! 5 out of 5 stars for this too!


Tea tree oil is made up of around 100 substances, including terpenes, mostly considered to be responsible for tea tree oil’s reputation as a remedy. The oil has been scientifically proven to be antibacterial, antifungal and particularly effective against the types of fungi we call yeasts. They make tea tree water by dispersing tea tree oil in water and use it for its clarifying action.

Review: I have been using several types of toners and this is one of my favourite. It has also helped in reducing the swelling of my acne. I haven’t got any side effect from using it so I assume it does its job pretty well. My skin does feel a bit stinging every time I use it, which is the only thing that I dislike. I will give it 4 out of 5 stars.


Angels on Bare Skin cleanser comes in a solid form and as you mix the solid cleanser with water to form a paste, the ground almonds create almond milk which helps to tone and brighten the skin. It can be used on both the face and body.

Review: Unfortunately this isn’t my favourite cleanser due to my personal preference. There’s nothing bad about it. This cleanser will leave your skin feeling moist after cleansing, which is not something that I like. I love my skin to feel dry and super clean after using a cleanser. And also this cleanser has some ground almonds that act like a scrub which I do not like too. I don’t mind to scrub my face occasionally but not for my daily routine. Due to my own preference, I would rate it 3 out of 5 stars.


Skin Drink is packed with nourishing oils and butters, avocados, aloe vera and a light rose and orange neroli fragrance. Forming a light barrier against the elements, this is ideal for all weathers and is especially good for soothing the skin and helping it feel more supple.

Review: This is similar to the Angel on bare skin cleanser that I tried, which is also not my top choice in my skin care routine. This is simply because it is not oil free. I like my skin to feel dry even after applying the moisturiser, with smooth and matte finish. This moisturiser is basically the contrary of my requirements. However, it did leave my skin moist and smooth after the application. I would still rate it 3 out of 5 stars.


Please visit Lush Ltd for more fresh handmade cosmetics!

Facebook: Lush Ltd

Instagram: Lush Ltd

Twitter: Lush Ltd

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Summertime Swagness

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I am not a man with swag. But this is my attempt to bring a bit of swagness this summer.


 I have styled this look with the accessories below too.


Ray-ban Clubmaster Sunglasses.

summertimeswagness3  About Vintage Concinnus watch in Rose Gold. Available for Pre-order here.


Luis Morais bracelet.


Mismo M/S Day Pack in Black.


You can also shop the similar look from the widget below.


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Last year in the Summer, I found out the brand Swims from Mr Porter site. It was like love at first sight, as I have been searching for a perfect pair of stylish, comfortable and water resistant slip-on/loafers for a long time! I am not a fan of the C***S brand sandals as I find their design is rather hideous, although they may be comfortable. Therefore, I got a pair of Swims last summer, and I fell in love since! This Summer, I am lucky enough to collaborate with Swims so that I get to show you all more styles and designs.


I have been wearing these Swims Lace loafers almost everyday for my casual day out. They are so easy to slip on and off! And they are amazingly comfortable too. Who says stylish shoes can’t be comfortable?


This pair of classic loafer has multiple ventilation gills ensuring great comfort and breathability. They are perfect for boating but for me personally, they can go with any outfit as long as you are not wearing them with full suit!


I am also loving their Gavitella Shorts. The design is colourful and neat.  The fabrics are high quality and very comfortable – all of their products are so comfortable indeed! And the shorts also come with draining pockets.


The Sport Loafer is a breathable boat loafer with a flexible rubber outsole. It is inspired by the classic boat shoe, but with the flexible outer shell. These come in all kinds of colour combination and it is so much fun!


The colours of this pair of Sport Loafer are so flamboyant and I just can’t get enough of them. I have been wearing them quite frequently in past two weeks and strangers approached me just to ask for the brand!


HEAD TO TOE: Swims Citara T-Shirt Cobalt, Swims Gavitella Shorts Navy, Swims Sport Loafer Navy/Blue, Daniel Wellington Watch, Paul Hewitt Anchor Bracelet, Rayban Sunglasses.

swims4 swims5

Please visit Swims for more choices of fun and water resistant loafers and also check out their range of apparel too!

Facebook: Swims

Instagram: Swims

Twitter: Swims

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#HowDoYouJacobHolston Vol.2

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This is my second chapter of the Jacob Holston Spring Summer 2015 collection for #HowDoYouJacobHolston. Here I am featuring Adriano Bomber Jacket in navy blue with Timo Button Cuffed Crew T-Shirt in army green.


I love the details of the Adriano Bomber Jacket so much. The jacket is very lightweight and the zippers are edgy. The floral print lining of the jacket also gives it a nice touch.


To complete the look, I styled it with the uber-cool Luigi Drawstring Jogger Bottom in solid black. It’s edgy and I also love the diversity of it. And it is super comfortable!

jacobholston3 jacobholston2

Please visit Jacob holston for more contemporary menswear! Feel free to visit their stores too!

  • Emerson Grace in Nashville Tennesse
  • Sy Devore in Studio City, CA
  • Funny’s in Hiroshima Japan
  • Safari Lounge Japan

Instagram: Jacob Holston

Twitter: Jacob Holston

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Sunglass Hut is the premier shopping and inspiration destination for the top brands, latest trends and exclusive styles of high quality fashion and performance sunglasses.


These Ray-Ban‘s Round-Frame Acetate Sunglasses are handmade in Italy with the minimalist detailing and the sleek shape keeps the style up to date. They come in different colours and the pop blue colour is my favourite one this season, and perfect for my summer holiday too!

rayban1b rayban2

This pair of  Persol PO3108S 49 is crated in Italy and it’s a favorite among tastemakers and celebrities for its impeccable fit and incredible clarity. The brand’s patented Meflecto temples offer a secure fit, while crystal-tempered sunglass lenses provide protection with distortion-free vision.

persol2 persol1b

Please visit SUNGLASS HUT for more trendy sunglasses!




Register here for #campaign4change for a chance to win tickets to Ray-Ban’s party with Boiler Room!

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JACHS NY: Timeless styles modernized with unexpected details and finishes. Classic shirts that are luxuriously comfortable and our bottoms are timeworn like your favorite pair of pants.


Apart from the chic design of the garments, their clothing is exceptionally comfortable. They have wide range of shirts from cotton, denim to linen.


HEAD TO TOE: Floral Printed Harrington Jacket, Solid Navy Linen Shirt, Navy Dual Fold Knit Short, Adidas Supercolor.


The Floral Printed Harrington Jacket and Navy Dual Fold Knit Short are made from 100% cotton and they are very comfortable. The floral jacket is perfect for this Spring/Summer with tropical essence. I love the texture of the shorts as it has a unique ribbed pattern on the fabric.


Please visit JACHS NY for more innovative menswear!

Facebook: JACHS NY

Instagram: JACHS NY

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About Vintage is a timeless and elegant brand for all the true gentlemen. As a gentleman myself, I love to dress up confidently and effortlessly.


Even though their ‘Scandinavian Fit‘ shirt is tailored to fit Scandinavian, but I find their slim fit shirt collection is very well designed for any type of gentlemen.


The most amazing product that caught my attention was their very first collection of watch. This LIMITED EDITION timepiece is one of the 100 individually numbered pieces. I am lucky enough to be one of the owners for this carefully designed chronograph watch from Copenhagen.

aboutvintage3a aboutvintage2

The Concinnus, Watch by About Vintage is neat, timeless and very elegant. For me, a watch that a man wears reflects their identify. And this watch definitely reflects the class and taste of a true gentleman.


The rose gold plated case is a perfect match with the brown leather strap, with a touch of the royal blue chronograph hand. The watch also comes with a custom made box in beautiful walnut wood.


Please visit About Vintage for more choices of Scandinavian shirts and the limited edition timepiece in other colours.

Facebook: About Vintage

Instagram: About Vintage

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#HowDoYouJacobHolston Vol.1

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Inspired by his journeys and adventures throughout the world, the line Jacob Holston was created as an extension of himself and the very things he sees, loves and admires:  amazing architecture, motorcycles, cars, formula one racing, a beautiful woman, a gorgeous beach anywhere in the world, fine food, a well-deserved cigar, and a finely aged scotch among other things.JH1final JH4final

I will be showing you all how do I Jacob Holston in the coming weeks for Spring Summer collection. At the top I am wearing the beautiful Roberto Rib Collar Henley in navy blue and a pair of sophisticated navy plaid Bruno Dress Shorts. They are simple but effortlessly stylish.

JH5final JH2final

I have also paired the Fabio Ombre Cardigan with the same shorts and with a touch of Dino Short Sleeve Printed Shirt underneath the cardigan. The gradient effect gives the cardigan a nice look and it is definitely less conservative for classy men style.


Nevertheless, the quality of all the garments is great, which is what you would have expected from designer clothing. The detail of each garment is minimal but essential too to say the least!


Please visit Jacob holston for more contemporary menswear! Feel free to visit their stores too!

  • Emerson Grace in Nashville Tennesse
  • Sy Devore in Studio City, CA
  • Funny’s in Hiroshima Japan
  • Safari Lounge Japan

Instagram: Jacob Holston

Twitter: Jacob Holston

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Frank Wright is a men’s footwear brand with a rich British heritage dating back to 1885. They carry a wide range of shoes from canvas to leather, as well as many beautifully crafted boots.frankwrightshoes1

Busby Grey Leather Derby Shoe has a classic design that is suitable for any occasion from formal events to casual night out. The shoe has durable sole with affordable price.

frankwrightleather5a frankwrightleather3

HEAD TO TOE: H&M Linen Blazer, H&M Linen Shirt, H&M Linen Trousers, Knitted Tie, Frank Wright Busby Grey Leather Derby Shoe

frankwrightleather6 frankwrightleather4

Frank Wright’s leather shoes are very soft and comfortable. The craftsmanship of the shoes are great and I love all the discreet details. These shoes are definitely worth investing as the price is affordable and yet the quality is great!


Please visit Frank Wright for more good quality dapper footwear!

Facebook: Frank Wright

Instagram: Frank Wright

Twitter: Frank Wright

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Frank Wright is a men’s footwear brand with a rich British heritage dating back to 1885. They carry a wide range of shoes from canvas to leather, as well as many beautifully crafted boots.


Telford Navy Canvas Derby Shoe is perfect for this Spring/Summer. It is a perfect choice for day to day footwear with its durable sole and versatile design.

frankwright1 frankwright5

HEAD TO TOE: H&M Parka, H&M Nautical Sweater, H&M Striped Shorts, Want Les Essentiels De La Vie Tote, Balbertime Watch, Miansai Anchor Bracelet, Frank Wright Telford Canvas Derby Shoes

frankwright2 frankwright3

My favourite part of the design is the tricolour sole as it gives the shoes a unique characteristic. The rubber sole also makes it more durable over rainy season.


Please visit Frank Wright for more good quality dapper footwear!

Facebook: Frank Wright

Instagram: Frank Wright

Twitter: Frank Wright

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